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At first, Charles Frederick Worth, the Parisian fashion designer of English origin, put the couture course in fashion into force. He has made it happen for dressmakers to stand out from the heap of those mainstream middles and to receive eternal respect. Since then, every fashionista elegantly uses this beauty jargon to express her attitude to what a perfect style is.
And just like that…whispered through the gently lips of a modern, self-confident woman, the word “couture” is nowadays the secret password for a party you can’t go to with last year’s dress.

But wait, does couture refer only to sewing needling clothing pieces? Lord, no! Couture accessory policy in high fashion these days. It has taken possession of both – the stage and the lady’s wardrobe.

Fashion life hack: create a couture look with a single accessory

Generally, couture refers to dressmaking and sewing clothes of the highest quality. There’s a rumor among the fashion circles that couture clothing items are some of the most expensive pieces made in the industry. Yet designers don’t earn lots of profits from them but only make an advertising statement of their new fashion flows. On the other hand, it takes a quick check on the web to see that couture clothes are not the most bargain deals in online boutiques. But you can spice up your appearance in a flawless conception with ease and…on a budget! You just need the right accessory. Sprucing up an ordinary office outfit with an exclusive unique handbag that is the symbol of the 21st century’s handmade job is a classy way to look like a princess with, though, yet a full purse.

What gets an accessory close to the “Oh, couture” style?

Many ladies confuse the couture look and believe it’s all about the high popularity of the brand. There’s no doubt that Chanel, Fendi and Elie Saab are great examples of couture role models. Couture is about something else. It’s not about the name, price, or look. It’s about the designer’s attitude to his craftsmanship. Couture accessories are made of selected materials. And they speak louder than famous concrete brand. And couture accessories are made by hand. A bag or a pair of sunglasses is a process through which the designer gives voice to his latest trends and fashion ideas. You don’t just get something to wear to spice up a boring outfit.

You get an accessory that is the focal point of your look. It puts the rules in your fashion Bible. And your clothes will follow them as they follow the tone of voice of your EVEN Zoe handbag or Leyza clutch.
Oh…Couture, we all want to see you sparkling on our bodies!