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Stress management is one of the main keys to a healthy mentality. It unlocks all psychiatric conditions such as anxiety, panic attacks, depression, etc. Under pressure, we can do unpredictable and dangerous actions, such as buying the wrong tote bag for a night out with our date. Such actions can affect our personal and professional lives, and even our appearance, which can be dramatically disturbing and life-changing in the modern times we live in. Therefore, they can have a drastically negative impact on the environment.

In many ways, our individual stressed persona impacts nature. We may not believe it, but every step we take and every decision we make can affect the environment. When we are stressed, it can have a bad influence on the global climate. For example, we tend to buy more without considering quality, purchase things we don’t need, and wear things that are not suitable. Eventually, shopping isn’t a therapy anymore.

Improving our mental health can be a way to improve the world we live in. It’s everything, from the way we treat people to the way we take care of nature and ourselves. Anxiety can cause us to stop believing in green fashion trends, no matter how hard we used to stick to them, and instead choose genuine calf leather MONNA mini tote orange bag over an artificial clutch from a famous brand.

On the other hand, self-care can:

Open our eyes to the big picture, helping us understand that we are not alone on this planet, and every action we take matters to those closest to us and impacts nature.
Help us face problems that are beyond our personal life and consciousness, such as global air pollution and plastic islands in the ocean.
Help us believe in good, including its role in real anti-anxiety therapy. Shopping alone doesn’t do anyone any good, but shopping with a cause from a brand that takes care of nature can make us feel good.
Encourage others to take care of their mental health, leading them to acknowledge themselves in their beliefs regarding the protection of nature and the steps we can all take to improve the world we live in.
EVEN is a brand that goes beyond classical custom-made bag production. Our team is dedicated to the new life we all wish to embrace and live around a reality with less plastic and more personal style. We focus on reusing, recycling, and sticking to zero-waste. Check out our sustainable bags collection on our website to learn more about our eco-friendly initiatives.