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These days fashion has a lot to do with ecologists. Many experts have blamed us – the fashion producers – for being a real scam for nature. But are we?
Personally we, at EVEN brand have made our choice – we will stick to genuine leather. And we will do everything we can to search for better raw materials to give you the first-class style and quality in hands that you actually deserve. So does the planet.
Here’s why genuine leather bags are better than faux leather bags.
Before you call us, animal killers, let us remind you that producing 100 faux leather bags is easier than making 1 real leather mini bag, like BELONA blue sky, for instance. Artificial materials are simple to find, processed and mainly sold – because they are cheaper. A genuine leather bag is something that you might be able to afford, but not 1000 times per year, right? You will fall in love with it, you will then, save some money to get it and in the end, due to its solid price you will take care of it, so you are not going to be forced to buy a new one in a couple of months.

Busted! Artificial bags are actually more issues for nature.

Here’s the deal. Ladies with artificial bags have up to 5 times more bags than you who owe a couple of cute, but durable, quality and sustainable clutches and handbags. This means that genuine leather accessories make it work – the mission is to buy less and to produce less. But that’s not all. According to scientists about 80% of the junk materials used in creating faux leather bags cannot fully break down. On the contrary, genuine leather is a natural material. And it does not carry such problems at all.
EVEN has been always standing behind two main causes. Cause number 1 – be fashionable without cheating on your own style and inner beauty. Cause number 2 – love the surrounding nature, it’s the only home you’ve got. And EVEN bags express them both, attractively and safely. Are we together in this? Of course, we are. We know you got our backs. Just like we’ve got yours – with our stunning feminine accessories to offer you for daily, evening, casual and formal occasions. Less is more!