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“It’s raining plastic!” said Gregory Weather-bee from the American geology university back in 2019. But few heard him. Probably, during this year, we bought at least two bags, one belt, three pieces of scarves, and dozens of polyester T-shirts. We thought it was a bargain deal. Or another step you made to get closer to the perfect personal style appearance mission. We all think this way when we consume fashion. Do you have even a slight idea what the World’s Ocean thinks? The Ocean suffers due to synthetic fashion

and it’s devastated, friends! Each year up to 11 million metric tons of plastic are poured into the Ocean. Even if you stick to recycling rules, you don’t do enough to prevent this catastrophic number from growing. How would you feel if we told you that we pollute the global ocean waters every time we put our synthetic dress in the laundry? Yes, we do. Polyester, one of the most used materials for clothing manufacturing these days, releases tiny micro-plastic pieces that enter the Ocean and the seas every time we rinse it in the sink or through the washing machine.

And it’s not only polyester.
All synthetic materials used in the fashion accessory and clothing industry eventually leave traces behind right in the World’s Ocean

and if you’ve never seen one of those plastic islands somewhere in open waters, we’ve got news for you. Eventually, we certainly taste it. With our own gustatory senses! Micro-plastic from the World’s Ocean gets inside our plate and we consume it. Just as we keep consuming fast fashion that additionally impacts the global planet pollution! What does it taste like? We cannot feel the plastic pieces in our food but our body experiences it by developing allergies, respiratory system disorders, stomach connective tissue damage, etc…The Ocean hates synthetic fashion.

So what’s this weird conclusion?

Collectively we should hate synthetic fashion. We all know how bad it is. Yet…we keep buying and embracing it in our lives. By every artificial clutch, you increase your bag collection,the Ocean is getting sicker with tiny micro-plastic pieces, and your favorite salmon dish is less healthy than you or your personal nutritionist thinks.

Minimizing plastic usage in fashion is a mission that we stick to but cannot work for alone. We need help. EVEN is a proud manufacturer of 100% eco-friendly fashion items made of natural or recycled materials. Still, our existence is insufficient to stop flooding the world’s Ocean with plastics. We should become more in number and keep inspiring people to avoid artificial fashion goods. Unfortunately, we are all incapable of blocking their appearance on the market. What we could do is to make them less popular. And just like that…with our personal smart and green choices, we can strive for a difference. A different world, where fashion is no longer a threat to the Ocean and the ocean waters!

If you with us, please stop buying plastics and switch to sustainable fashion. EVEN is a proud member of this global movement. Reach out to more like us and change your style from indifferent to responsible.