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Whether it’s the EVEN BELONA bag in romantic style or the posh and glamorous EVEN MONNA design, you should definitely have at least one pink baguette bag in your wardrobe. Once upon a time pink was only for the little girls and the popular cheerleaders from high school. These days pink is everywhere. And it’s a sin to give up on the shade regardless of your age or personal appearance. If you are not sure about adding pink color to your closet – read on.

A pink baguette bag adds youth to your look

The only old women in this world are those who feel old. But It’s not only about the overall attitude to life. It’s about how you express your emotions through the clothes you wear. No matter how much you love dark clothes, don’t go too deep. And if you cannot give up on your favorite little black dresses then style up your look with a pink baguette bag.

Any pink tote bag fits your party vision

When it’s time for a party all bright colors are welcomed. It’s an old-fashioned approach to wear only black and white. Forget about those retro looks and go for a rainbow outfit. Mix and match as many shades as you like and be the focus of the event. Having a pink tote bag in your hand will make your outfit look complete and vigorous.

You can colorize all boring office outfits with a pink mini bag

There is a tremendous pressure on women to stick to neutral shades. These colors are indeed comfy. You can mix and match them risk free. But no matter how great they look together, there’s always something missing… Face this issue with a pink mini bag designed 100% by hand from EVEN.

Last but not least, all pink tote bag designs from the EVEN are stylish and represent enough for your everyday appearance. We are here to reveal it to you by giving you some outfit ideas:

EVEN BELONA bag in pink will fit all office looks. You can achieve a romantic vision through a neutral light shade or use the accessory as an accent on your formal black suit.
EVEN MONNA bag in pink CAN be part of your daylight outfit. Of course, it depends on your job occupation. But if you are an artist or any other creative personality this one is the one for you.
EVEN BELONA bag in pink is a fantastic addition to all the latest fashion trends. Like the sleepwear ideas, the looks from the 80s and the romantic doll-like lace. Once upon a pink…