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Not going to wait! I need red color bag now!

It’s like everybody’s screaming these words right now. And we definitely understand them. The colorful bag is a trend that some fashion designers, enthusiasts, bloggers, magazine owners and influences indeed mentioned in their social media profiles before the beginning of the spring-summer 2023 season. Though, nobody actually bravely screamed it. And they should have. The colorful spring bag is a scream for more, for life.
Not that we haven’t seen it recently, though. It’s like when EVEN created the ZOE Baguette bag – Red knew it. This tiny red piece of jewelry is about to kick off the princess-styled golden clutch or the baggy mom-fit backpacks we used to wear for the last couple of years. Speaking of which, mommies do need some colors this spring, too. And we are about to prove it all!

How the red sparkling Doja Cat reminded us of LEYZA clutch in red

It all started with Doja Cat and her decision to put on a whole Swarovski warehouse on her own skin during Schiaparelli’s FW23 Haute Couture event. Her red sparkling body literally turned the entire web upside down. Of course, there were hilarious memes, too, but who cares about the haters? This girl just wanted to have fun! And she did it. Glamorous in a blossoming red color that we adore in all of our fashion bag collections. LEYZA clutch in red is our favorite pick for the night out – whether you are going to wear a lot of crystals like Doja Cat in a sequin-blooming dress or you will fit in your most seductive little black dress.

How Kidd Kenn called Spring earlier with OUR Red ZOE Baguette bag

It was only 2 years ago when one of the most popular rappers these days – Kidd Kenn – advised us all to “walk and live life in your true colors.” And it was nearly two weeks ago when we saw him in our Red ZOE Baguette bag. It seems that red is Kidd’s true color because he was not afraid of mixing it up with pink and yellow. To some, all of Kenn’s work on his spectacular appearance might be too much, but we love it.

How we shared Vogue magazine’s new edition with Rihanna in colors

Although on the latest Vogue magazine cover Riri and her 1-billion dollar family portrait were all in dark, we saw colors in it. Because it’s only Rihanna who can boldly jump out of her dressing room in a red plastic union suit to say “Hello, I’m carrying a new life in me!” It was exactly the same magazine edition when EVEN brand was presented with a ZOE Baguette bag – Red. We do adore Riri and it seems that we all think in red these days.
Don’t hesitate to call spring earlier this year. Don’t wait to get your red bag and go celebrate the new life. Every day is a new life! Don’t wait and keep in mind – less is more!