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With the departure of the sunny summer days, the autumn mood seems to give a call with a warning: “Please don’t make the working routine so boring and deprived of personal style again!”. We all want to look stunning in the office, but at the beginning of the day, we are too sleepy with no inspiration at all to create that gorgeous look from the Legally Blond movie wardrobe.

But who says that an ordinary office day is to be spent on ordinary days? An office lady’s personal appearance can influence her colleagues’ attitude and cheer up the mood during the lunch break.

And while some ladies do it with ease and a faultless transition of different styles in their look. Others stick to the ordinaries and remain unnoticed. If you are a part of this second group of ladies, we got something for you. It’s a very efficient guide to transform your ordinary office look into something remarkable.

Get out of the office dullness and bring us some colors, girl!

One of the most common things about the female office community is that it looks like a dynamic swarm with no identity expressed. They hurry in their boring sets of black pants and white shirts around. And they even get mad when someone from the manager’s team mistakes their names. Well, what else did we expect? We simply look the same! The ordinary office dullness is a concept someone has introduced on purpose and it turn to a curse. Black, grey, and white is the triple color combination fashion designers hate so much that they became brave enough to recommend the ladies add pink MONNA Mini tote shamelessly to it. It takes a small element, such as the ERIDA scarf in purple, to transform you into an office fashion icon.

Here’s one free tip from us: if you wonder which bright shade to add to your common office style, go for something that’s in fashion right now!

Work harder to accessorize your ordinary day in the office!

A pretty EVEN bag in a fresh color or a handmade scarf is a great idea to spruce up your office style. But the fashion accessories world is more generous than you think. With plenty of items you can add to your black and white mandatory set. You just need to follow the latest fashion trends.

How about EVEN Belt Gold that imitates snake skin in such a brilliant handmade work? This can fit your knitwear dress in beige if you are not ready for such brave improvisations. Consider adding ORI stylish sunglasses in wood. They are ideal for those busy mornings when you don’t have enough time to put on makeup and postpone the beauty routine for the first office break.

There are so many other fascinating ideas to spice up your ordinary office day!