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On the surface there’s no link between fashion, mental health and the environment. But the specialists have a different point of view on that. They have discovered a link between these three significant areas from our personal and in some cases, even professional lifestyles. Yes, there’s a connection between how you feel, and what you wear. As well as how you impact the surrounding environment through your decisions and thoughts.

Stress – the answer to everything, including how many tote bags you will buy this month

Remember the last three appointments with the doctor you had? There’s a big chance for your physician to have mentioned to you that it’s the stress that causes your headache and could be the reason for your sleepless nights, acne crises and even stomach discomfort. Stress is a tricky thing that once stepped inside your life, can put everything upside down literally in no time. But what does it have to do with the surrounding environment?

According to the most experienced psychologists about one-third of modern women between 20 and 50 years old love overbuying shopping tours during their most stressful days. This means they will buy not one, but two, three or even five tote bags this month. Over consumption is one of the worst negative factors that negatively impact the global environment. Moreover – since stress worsens our working capacity all those women can be short of money to buy expensive tote bags. And instead, will prefer fast fashion items from brands that don’t work with recycling materials and usually have the highest possible disputation as “mother nature” pollutants.

The low self-esteem is a consequence of anxiety and a cause of non-sustainable fashion decisions

When we have a low self-estimation we tend to lose the sense of simplicity, beauty and our inner identity. What anxiety can cause is severe low self-esteem all aspects of our life. We tend to feel less capable at work and start thinking we are bad parents. We lose hope in finding true love. And don’t find it as beautiful as what we saw in the mirror before work. As a result of the last consequence poor mental health condition we could find ourselves somewhere between the current fashion trends and what we used to accept as beauty. All of these lead to a whole series of unsuccessful purchases for our wardrobe.

If your personal style is wearing a pastel-shaded mini bag like BELONA light pink, there’s a huge possibility to lose this sense of identity in your dark anxiety period. You will find yourself a completely different person and try to replace your current wardrobe. And without knowing what’s good for you and what would fit your clothing items. It’s obvious – you will spend a lot of money on accessories you don’t even like.

EVEN brand of eco-friendly, unique bags is to accompany a lady with style, self-confidence and a special attitude to the environment. We hope to meet as many followers of the green economy philosophy among our customers as possible. We believe that a single high-quality mini bag is enough to bring not just satisfaction, but a stress management solution with a minimum negative impact on you and nature’s pathway.