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If a holiday is around the corner, as a girl with style and a fancy attitude to your personal appearance, you might be your vacation wardrobe might make you thrilled as much as the destination does. It’s good to know that those vibrations from the high emotions, though, can blur your mind a little. And there’s a chance for you to grab some things you don’t need, and forget the necessities. And accessories – oh, my – they are the EVEN must-have pieces of beauty in your luggage. Now, while you are experiencing your excitement we’ll try to give you the right pieces of advice. Here are the bags to take with you on your next holiday.

Neutral mini bag for the beach time

Our GAIA beige will make an appetite fusion with the nearby sandy atmosphere at the beach. You don’t need a bigger bag at all. All you need is your smartphone, your hotel room chip/key and some nude lipstick at hand. Everything else should be in your better half’s strong hands. We recommend you the neutral shades basically because beach time means relaxation time. And during this leisure, we should stay away from too daring outfits. Just enjoy the weather, the sea and GAIA bag complimenting your newly made sunny chocolate complexion.

Dazzling mini tote for your culinary challenge

A holiday is the best time to try new tastes. Especially if you travel outside of your country! We believe that such a culinary trip deserves some bright shades to be celebrated. Our classy suggestion is the MONNA – mini tote ORANGE. Don’t panic immediately. We do understand that orange is not the most common shade in your wardrobe. But that’s where its secret charm is… Orange is an extraordinary shade that can be mixed with everything ordinary. And this is why MONNA will spice up every basic skirt you’ve taken just like that, in case you know, and your favorite seagoing tee.

Glamorous baguette bag for a night out

If you haven’t posted at least one luxurious selfie from a fancy party during the holiday you haven’t been on a holiday. But those places, with all of those lights, shades, colors, and decors – aren’t they too intrusive to stand out from the crowd? Here’s the deal, girls – most women try to show up with a naked dress, too short skirt, big neck… But it’s like it’s never enough, isn’t it? These outfits don’t owe the classy style that the fancy restaurants and bars from the holiday resorts have. You need something that screams silently. ZOE baguette bag in red is everything you need. It has a formal elegant shape, but an exquisite bold red color. You don’t need anything else. Make self care priority!