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There’s one sure positive thing about the end of the summer season. It’s the arrival of new fashion trends. Once the seaside vacation is gone, and those happy days-off away from the office are close, the ladies with an affinity for outstanding personal appearance start browsing the web for the upcoming autumn-winter trends.

But while every fashion blogger is obsessed with telling stories about the hottest clothing items on the market, it’s a pity that few icons and influencers pay attention to the accessory part. Why forget the bags, the scarves and all those small items we spruce up our outfits with? Accessories are essential for your personal style. They can guide your senses through the projection of any daily outfit. Or fill that gap you feel with all of your senses when looking at yourself in the mirror before leaving your house for work.

There’s no more need time for us to convince you how significant an accessory can be to your personal style because autumn is just right the corner. And we believe that you are eager to see the latest autumn-winter new trends in the field of accessories.

Hello, my lovely classic handbag!

The classic thing about the autumn-winter 2022 handbag is its sleek design. You can see the perfection in these small fashion items that can make the silhouette look fabulous. With the introduction of mini bags, the clutch conception used to be integrated only into the formal occasion or party style. Still, today we see it gorgeously standing as the best gem in a daily office outfit.

The legendary multiplication of the belts

The belt is a specific accessory that not all women are ready to wear to update their personal styles. But you will love the idea of turning them all into the main accent of your outfits. While we check the autumn-winter belt trends, we are shocked to see them layered in a cute way. And we imagine a double combination of the Erini Belt and EVEN Belt to pop up in a set of a school-like shirt and some denim pants.

In love with the circular bags

This notable structure is the total hit of the year. And we are literally crying out our tears of happiness that the circular bag is not another short-lived summer thing, but will land on the fashion autumn-winter arena. This conception finds inspiration from the late 90s and can definitely polish any city lady’s outfit with ease!

Flying away with my feathers

The feathers have been quite popular these days. And if you are sick and tired of your little black dress with black feathers around your neckline, let’s try something else. We’ve seen a lot of accessory designs with feathers, and we are kind of fascinated. They appear on earrings, gloves, and hats. Our suggestion is even more extravagant: Erida scarf in olive and genuine features.

Somewhere over the rainbow with this bag!

Here’s another cool autumn fashion bag trend for the upcoming days: the bright shades. Indeed, in a handmade designer’s studio, you will be dazzled by a string of colors! The bag in any shade comes to spice up your formal dress for a wedding or to throw some light over the grey working days we had ahead. Of course, some specific shades have been announced as trendy today. So better look for a cute bag in orange, green, pink and yellow. You can find them in our Monna Mini tote bag collection!